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The links below give more detail about how and why John Moreno has been targeted by corrupt officials within the Mexican government.


Ecologist Special Report:

Environmental Activist Illegally Detained in Baja California Sur, Mexico
Viviane Mahieux, 14th June, 2017

Since the illegal arrest and imprisonment of lawyer and environmental activist John Moreno (and his client Joella Corado) on May 19th, numerous protests and vigils have been held, both in the town of Todos Santos and in the state capital of La Paz. Many consider Moreno a political prisoner of the Mexican Government, and see Corado as collateral damage in a political campaign to clamp down on community resistance to development. VIVIANE MAHIEUX tells their story to date...


A Feature Documentary Work in Progress by Sarah Teale and Lisa F. Jackson

As unrestricted development threatens water sources in Baja California Sur, Mexico, local peoples are beginning to push back against global business interests.

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Truth Santos

The truth behind Tres Santos! The mega-development company that makes claims of sustainable development, bringing in thousands of new people and workers into a desert environment with limited water resources, is a mockery of the term, especially when the only solution to the water issue is a desal plant with all its environmental problems.


Sign the Petition to Free John Moreno

Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis: #Freedom for John Moreno - sign the petition!